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HIGH-TEMP RED SILICONE High-Temp Red Silicone specifically formulated for today’s high-revving, hot-running engines! Replaces gaskets for oil pans, valve covers, transmission fluid, rear-end housings and more!

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Comments about DEVOCON Devcon Plastic Welder (22045):. Although it’s a two-part glue, it does appear to melt plastics together rather …

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Shop Devcon Seal-n-Place Bath/Tub Epoxy Repair Kit 30 gm(90216)

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ITW Consumer has epoxy, adhesive, sealants, repair kits for home projects and car maintenance.

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For over 50 years, Devcon has offered professional strength epoxy and adhesives. Some popular products include Plastic Welder, Plastic Steel and 5 Minute epoxies.

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Devcon products are the result of 50 years experience, all developed to be easily and safely applied by your own personnel.

Discover ITW Polymers Adhesives industrial specialty chemicals. View and shop popular brands including Devcon, 1 Minute™, 5 Minute®, 2 Ton®, and Permatex.

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Instant lookup chart for equivalents to Hernon, Loctite, Araldite, Plexus, Devcon, CTA products. Highly rated, cheaper and better quality alternatives.